Gran Orixe Coffee

GRAN ORIXE coffee was born to preserve all the aroma and flavour of freshly artisan roasted coffee just like Cafés Sabora does.

This is a blend of the best coffee beans from Colombia, Uganda and Guatemala, bringing a balanced medium-dark roasted coffee that offers consumers a moderate acidity.

¿What do we aim with this blend?
Our goal to provide hospitality professionals, managing a restaurant, a snack bar or any other business, with a fresh roasted coffee in perfect condition to be served at any time of day.


To reach out that goal we use metal packaging for preserving coffee in its ideal conditions for longer time and protecting it from light and moisture.

The careful daily coffee roasting and immediate packaging into an aluminium hopper contributes to the perfect preservation of Gran Orixe coffee’s properties longer than traditional packaging.  

Cafés Sabora exclusively distributes the product to hospitality professionals, to offer the maximum guarantees of freshness and quality of artisan roasted coffee daily served to customers.

Gran Orixe decaffeinated is also available, for those who prefer decaffeinated to regular coffee.

The product is delivered in metal 3kg containers.

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