Gran Orixe decaffeinated coffee

Cafés Sabora’s Gran Orixe decaffeinated coffee

The main features of this decaffeinated coffee are, first of all, it is packaged inside a hopper container that ensures the perfect preservation of the decaffeinated coffee beans from its arrivalvto your establishment to the moment when it is served to the customer. Secondly, obviously, it is a decaffeinated coffee which do not mean to renounce to the coffee flavour.

Gran Orixe is a decaffeinated coffee carefully manufactured which has been designed to customers who have removed caffeine from their diet because they need or want to.

This decaffeinated coffee has moderate acidity, powerful flavour and it is medium-dark roasted.

The metal hopper container where the product is delivered protects coffee from light and moisture and keeps the aroma and freshness of freshly roasted coffee.

Gran Orixe offers a high quality coffee to those customers who really appreciate freshness, aroma and flavour of a great fresh roasted decaffeinated coffee.

You will really enjoy this excellent decaffeinated coffee from the first to the last bean. If you really matter the quality of products you are offering to your customers, this is your decaffeinated coffee.  

A three-kilos hopper container allows the perfect preservation of Gran Orixe decaffeinated coffee.

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