Equatorial forests - origin of coffee

origin of coffee

Let's talk about the long journey that coffee makes from the time it is collected until it reaches our cup, which is nothing more than an exciting journey from the tropics to our lives.
Coffee is a tropical product that is produced in the equatorial forest at best and in deforested areas of this forest at worst
Organic coffee grown in the shade

Ecological coffee is also known as organic coffee.

This is a product which is controlled by official rules. That means that coffee is strictly monitored and controlled.
 Making coffee at home in Italian coffee maker.

tips to prepare a good coffee at home.

Eight simple tips so that the coffee that the coffee you make at home becomes a good coffee, and with practice you get to make an excellent coffee that surprises friends and guests.
They are simple but you cannot fail even one of them without compromising the result.
Hario V60- Slow coffee

Slow coffee 

Slow coffee comes out from a consumer´s need that becomes the fact of drinking coffee in a complete experience from the preparation until the coffee consumption.

The preparation process becomes into an emotion which is intense lived

Organic coffee cultivated under the shadow.

Organic coffee must follow strict farming requirements. 

The chosen farming method must not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers avoiding health secondary effects.  
It avoids the accumulation of those chemical products in the coffee bean and in your body. 
 Coffee beans forming a map of the five continents
Our world is placed between the Cancer and Capricorn tropic. 
Sabora´s coffee is toasted in Galicia which is placed in the north-western of the Iberian Peninsula but it comes from cultivation areas located between these two tropics. 
Decaffeinated coffee. What is it?
Decaffeinated coffee is that coffee from where caffeine has been removed.
This post will try to answer this concept and if all decaffeinated coffees are similar.  

Has decaffeinated coffee caffeine or not?

Despite of its name decaffeinate coffee contains a small amount of caffeine. 
 Grains of roasted coffee, natural coffee and non-roasted coffee

Coffee lovers usually consume different coffee varieties, from Arabica coffee to Robusta dark coffee. 

In the morning, we have a dark or a cut coffee to wake up.
We  have different coffee brands in different places: at home, coffee shops or restaurants.

But, have you really thought what kind of coffee do you drink?

Roasted coffee bean

Café de Colombia or Colombian coffee has become a reputed trademark which the general audience associates with a quality coffee. 

But, what do we talk about when referring to Colombian coffee? 

1st This is a 100% Arabica coffee.
Barista making coffee
Preparing coffee is something that everybody can do, but preparing a good coffee requires a set of skills, dedication and detail-attention, because these turns a good coffee into a great experience.  


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