Landscape of Colombia

Café de Colombia or Colombian coffee has become a reputed trademark which the general audience associates with a quality coffee. 

But, what do we talk about when referring to Colombian coffee? 

1st This is a 100% Arabica coffee.
Barista facendo café en máquina expreso
Preparing coffee is something that everybody can do, but preparing a good coffee requires a set of skills, dedication and detail-attention, because these turns a good coffee into a great experience.  
 Selective coffee picking by hand

Organic and non-organic coffees are tropical products born from a shrub which is called coffee tree. 


Coffee tree.

What accompanies coffee if

Doesn't coffee make you fat? what accompanys coffee if

If coffee makes people fat or not is a controversial issue. The question “does coffee make you fat?” will be addressed in this post. 


Espresso is obtaining from a process which make coffee going through a machine that is able to run high pressure hot water, normally between 5 and 15 bars.  

This is carefully done by bar experts.

This post will be focus on knowing basic elements to prepare a good espresso for those who enjoy this kind of coffee in bars and restaurants.


Organic decaffeinated.

To get organic decaffeinated it is essential that these decaffeinated coffee comes from organic coffee.  

Coffee atributes

Everyone who likes coffee knows about its stimulating attributes. But its properties are wider than this. 

It is the second drink in a worldwide consumption, after water, so it is consumed by hundreds of millions of people. This post will explain coffee kindness.
How to prepare coffee

I was brooding on the post title and I realized I was getting into a mess, since there are infinite ways to prepare coffee.

Coffee capsules


The first thing to say is that we do not want to trick anyone, from Cafés Sabora, we are not in favour of coffee capsules, in fact you will not find them on our website. Not on sale now neither in the future.  

Coffee next to sack with coffee beans


What we really care about drinking coffee is its quality. 


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